26 août 2011

A dinosaure, dinosaure et demi 

The [French Socialist] party is not out of tune with public opinion. The French are almost uniquely hostile to the capitalist system that has made them one of the world’s richest people. Fully 57% say France should single-handedly erect higher customs barriers. The same share judge that freer trade with India and China, whose consumers snap up French silk scarves and finely stitched leather handbags, has been “bad” for France.

The Economist, 27 août 2011, "Among the dinosaurs"

"Do you think the recent economic expansion in countries like China and India has been generally good for the U.S. economy, or bad for the U.S. economy, or had no effect on the U.S. economy?"
  • Good : 14 %
  • Bad : 62 %
  • No effect : 10 %
  • Unsure : 14 %
CBS News Poll, 31 juillet au 5 août 2008