11 février 2009

You know your blog is dead when... 

10. You haven't posted anything in more than a month.

9. Your blogroll is hit by link rot, big time.

8. When you post something, people greet it with a "maybe his blog is not dead after all".

7. You let spam pile up in comments, and don't care all that much.

6. When you meet other bloggers, you don't talk about blogging.

5. When people mention that you blog, you immediately add that you used to blog.

4. Friends ask if you write for some other website.

3. You've become way less paranoid about the preservation of your online anonymity.

2. You don't want to turn every single thing you read, see or do into a blog post anymore.

1. You're willing to entertain the notion that your blog is dead, on your blog.